May to August, 2012

Friday 13 - Saturday 14 July
Build a boat in two days
Location: Binckhorst, Den Haag

Did you ever have a dream of following the footsteps of Thor Heyerdahl, build your own boat, let it float on the water and see where it leads you? Here is your chance to do so.
In this weekend we will build a boat - or may be more - with only modest means.
There is hands-on-experience among the organisation and there will be materials available to realise the project: barrels, jerry cans, wood, tyres.
We will have a building place available along a dock in the Binckhorst area in Den Haag.

On the last day of this weekend, Sunday 15 July, we will have a contest.
We will launch the floating objects from the dock at Binckhorst and start floating to Walden Affairs, which is situated along a canal. The one that arrives first, will win the Thor Heyerdahl Trophee.

The contest will be open for individuals and artist run spaces from Den Haag.

Thanks to Easywash for so generously providing the jerrycans to the Time/ Bank team!