May to August, 2012

Almost Midsummer Night Jive
Wednesday 20 June, 2012
Meeting time: 19 h
Entrance: free
Dress code: pagan unlimited
Please take food and drinks to share

Wednesday 20th of June we will celebrate and prepare for the longest day of the year.
If the weather is fine, we will go outdoors and enjoy nature, spirit and food. (If not, we will reside in Walden Affairs.)
We will follow Swedish rituals, jump over 7 fences and have a summer offering in honor of the summer solstice.
We will have a dance/ movement workshop to release and gain energy. We will light a bonfire, play african records on vinyl and cumbia on mp3.
There will be a coctailbar, home made wine and the place will be illuminated.

Dress code
We want to take this opportunity to enable transformation, transition, change roles, get loose and connect.
To emphasise the celebrative moment we invite you to attend the event in a costumed style.
Dress code: think pagan style/ barefoot / rigs/ mask
But feel free to come as you prefer.

We will start in time - 19 h sharp at Walden Affairs.
Please take food and drinks to share.

Hope to see you on Wednesday 20 June.

The organising committee,
Malyssa, Vicky, Paul, Hanae, Silben, Sara, Joost and Mischa