June to August, 2013

Dear reader,

Ah, holidays... the bliss of it all.
Last year we initiated FOREVER SUMMER, a loosely set up program around themes that interested us both artistically and personally and that we wanted to approach in a fresh manner and not necessarily within an art context. We gained alot of inspiration, new insights and joy. If you were there, thanks for joining!
This year we want to pick up the thread with a new series of events. We will take a closer look at the line between effort and flow, between leasure and laziness, between going downstream and going adrift. The program offers a light, playful approach on these issues – an approach that aims to remain close to our own personal experience. We will travel, will visit people and places that inspire or amaze us. There will be workshops, performative events, shared moments to eat and drink and more.
Consumption, reflection, participation and dialogue go hand in hand in an open program that doesn't aim to provide clear solutions or conclusions, but instead offers the participants an opportunity to forget time and enjoy.

Note: The program will be updated on our website on a weekly basis.


'Tussen de Lijnen´ - performative event by Miek Zwamborn and Ton Zwerver
Sunday 25 August, 2013
More info: here
Time and venue: 20 h at Walden Affairs, Zuidwal 52 Den Haag

'Eclipsed Vision' - performative event by Kate Moore
Sunday 7 July, 2013
More info: here
Time and venue: 20 h at Walden Affairs, Zuidwal 52 Den Haag

'Summer Special' - event by David Bernstein
Sunday 21 July, 2013
More info: here
Time and starting point: 19 h at Walden Affairs, Zuidwal 52 Den Haag

'Heather Frontier' - Field Trip
Sunday 29 July - Monday 30 July
More info: here
Reservations necessary

Bbq and film screening
Sunday 30 June, 2013
Start bbq: 18 h (r.s.v.p.)
Start film screening: 20 h
More info here